Psychology (PSYC)

Major Courses

PSYC A100 Introduction to Psychology 3 crs.

This course is a survey of the major fields of psychology. It is a prerequisite for all other psychology courses.

PSYC A215 Psychology and the Law 3 crs.

This course is an introduction to the study of psychology's relevancy to the legal system. Through class discussion and critical thought, students analyze four main dilemnas: 1) the rights of individuals versus the common good, 2) equality versus discretion, 3) discovery of truth versus resolving conflicts, and 4) science versus the law as a source of decisions. Students are required to apply what they learn to their observations of a local trial or through a service learning experience.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A230 Developmental Psychology 3 crs.

This course covers the development of behavior and psychological activity through the prenatal period, infancy, childhood, adolescence, maturity, and old age with emphasis on the normal person.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A235 Abnormal Psychology 3 crs.

This course is a survey of psychological disorders with emphasis on clinical "picture," explanatory theories, and etiological research. Intervention procedures are briefly addressed.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A240 Social Psychology 3 crs.

Social determinants of individual behavior and of group interaction are examined with emphasis on current research literature.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A241 Psychology of Personal Adjustment 3 crs.

Good personal adjustment is defined as the effective solution of individual problems and the creation of a viable system of personal values. The constraints and conditions affecting these behaviors are examined in this course.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A245 Psychology of Sport and Exercise 3 crs.

This course is an introduction to theory, research, and applied in the field of sport and exercise psychology. The focus is on psychological factors that affect participation, involvement, and performance in sport and exercise.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A250 Educational Psychology 3 crs.

This course is a study of psychological principles as applied to the field of education including growth and development, cognitive abilities, motivation, learning and individual differences.  Emphasis is placed on the role of diversity in education.  An understanding of developmental psychology and theories of learning is crucial whether the goals of the student are in applied psychology (e.g., clinical, school), education (e.g., teaching, administration), or related fields (e.g., social work, speech therapy).  Topics covered in this course include theories of development and learning, legal and multicultural issues in education, and material on applied educational practices.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A255 Adolescent Psychology 3 crs.

This course examines salient issues concerning adolescent development. The focus is on adolescent development as influenced by diverse contexts. Particular attention is given to the challenges and strengths associated with adolescent development in and around urban contexts. The course format includes lectures and discussion.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A301 Introduction to Research 3 crs.

This course concerns the application of scientific methods to psychology with emphasis on designing research and on report writing.

Prerequisites: 9 crs. in PSYC including PSYC A100, or 6 crs. and concurrent enrollment in 3 PSYC crs.

PSYC A303 Statistics and Methods 3 crs.

This course focuses on descriptive and inferential statistics. This course stresses the analysis and interpretation of data, frequency distribution analysis, tests of significance, correlational methods, analysis of variance, and selected nonparametric tests.

Prerequisites: PSYC A100 and one college-level math course

PSYC A315 Physiological Psychology 3 crs.

This course is an investigation of the biological basis of behavior. The focus is on neural and hormonal regulation and control of behavior.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303

PSYC A316 Physiological Psychology Laboratory 1 cr.

This course involves structured laboratory experiences which approximately parallel the course content of PSYC A315. It is an optional lab to accompany PSYC A315.  Lab fee $50.

Corequisite: PSYC A315

PSYC A320 Psychology of Learning 3 crs.

This course is an examination of contemporary theories and problems of learning.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303
Corequisite: PSYC A321

PSYC A321 Animal Operant Lab 1 cr.

This course involves structured laboratory experiences in the operant conditioning of the laboratory rat. It is an obligatory lab to accompany PSYC A320.  Lab fee $50.

Corequisite: PSYC A320

PSYC A322 Cognition 3 crs.

The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with the cognitive processes underlying human behavior, their experimental origins, and their theoretical significance.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303

PSYC A323 Cognition Lab 1 cr.

This course involves structured laboratory experiences in traditional and contemporary areas of cognitive psychology. It is an optional lab to accompany PSYC A322.  Lab fee $50.

Corequisite: PSYC A322

PSYC A326 Environmental Psychology 3 crs.

This course is a survey of environmental psychology. Areas of focus include ambient envirmental variables, environmental stressors, density and crowding, architecture and behavior, and pro-environmental behaviors. Living, learning, working, and recreational environments are considered, as are institutional environments.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A327 Studies in Psychology of Women 3 crs.

RAC: Diversity

This course investigates the life span development of women. The predominant focus concerns the ways in which class, gender, race, and cultural background affect the individual. Also addressed are issues and factors related to societal stereotypes of women.

Prerequisite: PSYC A100

PSYC A345 Psychology of Testing and Measurement 3 crs.

This course is a survey of the principles and practice of basic psychological testing, theory of measurement, test construction, and reliability/validity of test instruments. Emphasis is on tests of intelligence, aptitude, interests, organic brain dysfunction, and personality functions.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303

PSYC A346 Test and Measurements Lab 1 cr.

This course involves supervised laboratory experience in administration, scoring, and interpretation of psychological tests. It is an obligatory lab to accompany PSYC A345.  Lab fee $50.

Corequisite: PSYC A345

PSYC A350 Industrial/ Organizational Psychology 3 crs.

This course involves applications of psychological principles to human problems in organizations, individual needs, and motives as they affect group achievement.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303

PSYC A414 Health Psychology 3 crs.

This course focuses on the relationship between psychological theory, principles, and methods and the assessment, prevention, maintenance, and restoration of physical health. Doctor-patient relationships and their impact on health are also considered.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303 or permission of instructor

PSYC A415 Psychopharmacology 3 crs.

This course covers principles of pharmacology and a detalied study of therapeutic and abused drug classes that affect psychological functioning and behavior. Mechanisms of action, neurobiological bases, clinical applications, tolerance and dependence, side effects, and abuse potentials are considered.

Prerequisites: PSYC A303, PSYC A315 or permission of instructor

PSYC A416 Sensation and Perception 3 crs.

This course is an intensive study of sensory processes and perceptual organization.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303

PSYC A417 Sensation and Perception Lab 1 cr.

This course involves structured laboratory experiences in sensation and perception which parallels and complements PSYC A416. Included are experiments in classical psychophysics. It is an optional lab to accompany PSYC A416.  Lab fee $50.

PSYC A430 Psychology of Human Aging 3 crs.

The primary objective of this course is to provide a broad overview to the study of human aging.  The basic focus deals with the experience of human aging in modern society.  Consideration is given to research and theories concerning the aging process, some of which include: physiological, social, and psychological stability, changes, and alterations across the adult lifespan. 

Prerequisites: PSYC A230, PSYC A301

PSYC A440 Theories of Personality 3 crs.

This course is a review and critical evaluation of major personality theories and their supporting evidence with readings from original sources.

Prerequisite: PSYC A235

PSYC A441 Clinical Psychology 3 crs.

This course includes a brief history of clinical psychology, roles of the modern clinical psychologist, description of assessment and therapy techniques, current journal articles, experiential exercises to illustrate some areas of discussion, and an integrative final paper.

Prerequisites: PSYC A235PSYC A301

PSYC A455 Emotion and Motivation 3 crs.

This course is a survey of contemporary theories, research, and critical review of their relevant problems.

Prerequisites: PSYC A303 and PSYC A315 or PSYC A320 or PSYC A322

PSYC A456 Comparative Psychology 3 crs.

This course is a topic-oriented survey of animal behavior. Opportunities for research are included.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303

PSYC A459 Naturalistic Observation Lab 1 cr.

This laboratory course addresses the ways that behavioral data can be obtained through systematic, unbiased, naturalistic observations. Topics include sources of bias, scheduling observations, ethograms, and sampling techniques.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303 or permission of instructor

PSYC A470 History and Systems of Psychology 3 crs.

This required capstone course for majors addresses those historical antecedents to contemporary psychology as well as the several systems or schools of psychology that have given direction to the discipline.

Prerequisite: PSYC A303

PSYC A485 Practicum in Applied Psychology 3 crs.

This course involves supervised field experience in cooperation with New Orleans area agencies. On-campus meetings and written assignments are required.

Prerequisites: advanced junior standing; permission of instructor

PSYC A488 Senior Research 2 crs.

This course is an intensive literature review which culminates in the preparation of a formal written proposal for an undergraduate thesis.

Prerequisites: advanced junior standing; permission of instructor

PSYC A489 Senior Thesis 1 cr.

This course involves the completion of an empirical research project and writing of an undergraduate thesis.

Prerequisites: PSYC A488 and permission of instructor

PSYC A493 Directed Readings 3 crs.

Research and readings are on selected topics. Open only to second-semester junior or senior psychology students.

Prerequisite: permission of department chair

PSYC A495 Special Project, credits vary

Learning experiences are designed to meet the special needs of advanced majors. Content, activities, credit, and frequency of scheduling are variable.

Prerequisite: permission of department chair

PSYC A496 Seminar 3 crs.

Course content varies each semester but is keyed to student and faculty interest.

Prerequisite: permission of department chair

PSYC A499 Independent Studies, credits vary

Independent work done under professorial supervision. 

Introductory Common Curriculum

PSYC T121 First-Year Seminar 3crs.

Introductory Common Curriculum: First-Year Seminar

The gateway course to the Common Curriculum is the First-Year Seminar (FYS). This issues-based, interdisciplinary seminar introduces students to college-level thinking and learning as well as Jesuit values at the core of a Loyola education. This FYS has a specific topic within the scope of Psychology. A full list of currently offered FYS courses can be found on the Loyola Online Records Access (LORA) system.

Advanced Common Curriculum

PSYC X230 Models of Human Behavior 3 crs.

Advanced Common Curriculum: Social Science

This survey course presents several perspectives or schools of thought regarding human behavior as a function of human personality and, ultimately, human nature--all considered in a sociocultural context. More specifically, the following six divergent theoretical frameworks regarding human behavior are addressed:  biological psychology, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology, and evolutionary psychology. 

PSYC X260 Psychology of Living With Dying: The Psychology of Six Feet Under

Advanced Common Curriculum: Social Science

In this course, we use popular culture as a pedagogical lens to engage with mortality. We explore Dr. Elisabeth Kabler-Rossa’s 1969 work, On Death and Dying, and examine the HBO series, Six Feet Under to help us understand the issues surrounding death itself. This course engages critical questions including the psychological impossibility of one’s own death in American culture, how we deal with death and dying in the family and in the community, and how mortality defines individuals.

PSYC X266 The Science of Good and Evil

Advanced Common Curriculum: Social Science

This course surveys research in topics that deal with the science of human behavior that might be classified as good or evil. The main emphasis is on empirical approaches, with reference to the behavioral sciences (social psychology, sociology, history, and political science), genetics and neuroscience, cultural anthropology, and even popular culture. The course examines “good” and “evil” as both moral absolutes and as societal constructs.