Greek (GREK)

Major Courses

GREK A100 Beginning Greek I 3 crs.

Language tells us many things about a culture, not only in what people have to say but how they say it. This course introduces students to the world of the ancient Greeks through a study of their language.

GREK A101 Beginning Greek II 3 crs.

GREK A100 continued.

Prerequisite: GREK A100 or placement

GREK A250 Intermediate Greek 3 crs.

Intermediate Greek is a continuation of the Beginning Greek A100/101 series; it focuses on allowing students to acquire knowledge and facility of more complex syntactical structures while encouraging them to continue to build their vocabulary and translation skills. As the course progresses, students make the transition from adapted to unadapted texts and are introduced to intermediated and advanced level commentaries, dictionaries, and grammars.

GREK A300 Homeric Greek 3 crs.

Students in this course read selections from Homer and Hesiod as well as selections from the Homeric Hymns. Study includes examination of the epic meter and the impact of the epic poets on subsequent literature.

Prerequisite: GREK A250 or equivalent

GREK A314 Greek Tragedy 3 crs.

This course examines the tragedy of ancient Athens. Study focuses on the mechanics of the language, the workings of the tragic stage, the historical background of the plays, and the larger issues about society that the plays raise. 

Prerequisite: GREK A250 or equivalent

GREK A315 Greek Comedy 3 crs.

This course examines both old and new comedy of ancient Athens. Study focuses on the mechanics of the language, the workings of the comic stage, the historic background of the plays, and the larger issues about society that the plays raise.

Prerequisite: GREK A250 or equivalent

GREK A322 New Testament Greek 3 crs.

Students taking this course read and discuss at least two books from the New Testament. In addition, they compare a variety of modern translations to the original text.

Prerequisite: GREK A250 or equivalent

GREK A340 Hellenistic Greek 3 crs.

This course examines the literature of the Hellenistic period (from the death of Alexander the Great). Works include the genres of poetry, philosophy, and the novel. Students study the historical and social contexts of each work.

Prerequisite: GREK A250 or equivalent

GREK A402 Greek Historians 3 crs.

An intensive study of one or more ancient Greek historians. Students examine the author’s style, influence, philosophy, and assessment regarding his topic. 

Prerequisite: GREK A250 or equivalent

GREK A410 Greek Philosophy 3 crs.

This course is an intensive survey of one or two ancient Greek philosophers. Students examine the author’s style, influence, and place within the historical and social context of philosophy. 

Prerequisite: GREK A250 or equivalent

GREK A420 Greek Oratory 3 crs.

A survey of the speeches of the Greek orators. These readings reveal the development of early Greek prose and provide a window into many interesting scenarios from life in Classical Athens as well as provide evidence for the function of Greek oratory in Athenian democracy. 

Prerequisite: GREK A250 or equivalent

GREK A493 Directed Readings 3 crs.

Course content varies and is keyed to the participants' interests in relevant professional topics.

GREK A498 Research Project 3 crs.

Independent study projects for qualified majors who develop interest in a special area.

GREK A499 Independent Study, credits vary

Independent work done under professorial supervision.