Women's Studies (WMST)

WMST A100 Women, Culture, & Society

This course introduces students to the dominant cultural influences and societal institutions that shape women's lives today by structuring society along sex and gender lines. Readings and discussions focus on the ways in which gender intersects and interacts with other categories such as sex, race, ethnicity, class, and nation. The course explores the ways that feminist scholars, activists, and women throughout the world have pushed against cultural norms and mores to develop new paradigms for social organization and self-definition.

Introductory Common Curriculum

WMST T121 Women's Studies First-Year Seminar

Introductory Common Curriculum: First-Year Seminar

The gateway course to the Common Curriculum is the First-Year Seminar (FYS). This interdisciplinary seminar introduces the process of academic inquiry and teaches students to think and learn as college students. This FYS has a specific topic on Women's Studies issues in the context of the larger theme of "thinking critically, acting justly." A full list of currently offered FYS courses can be found on the Loyola Online Records Access (LORA) system.