Tuition & Fees

All regular students are assessed tuition and fees on a semester basis.

These fees and the tuition pay for only about 85 percent of the actual cost of operating Loyola for one year. The other 15 percent is made up with funds raised by the annual fund program from alumni, friends, faculty, staff, foundations and corporations; revenues from university endowment and revenues from the residence halls and meal plans.

Applicants for admission to Loyola and students who need assistance in paying for their education are encouraged to apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Traditional Undergraduate students are charged a flat rate for tuition if they are enrolled as full-time students having registered for 12 to 21 credit hours. Students taking less than 12 hours are charged on a per-hour basis. Students enrolled through the Office of Professional & Continuing Studies are charged the flat full-time rate for 13 to 21 credit hours and the per-hour rate for less than 13 credit hours.  Students taking more than 21 hours are charged the flat rate, plus the per-hour rate for the hours over 21. This overload rate applies to Honors, Music, and Theater program students taking over 23 hours. There is no full-time or flat rate during the summer session.

Because of the uncertainty of the economy and budgetary projections, Loyola University reserves the right to change tuition, fees, or other charges printed herein. The rates listed below are for 2015 – 16.


Traditional Undergraduates

(freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, transient, non-degree)


  • Undergraduates: 12 — 21 credit hours
  • Honors, Music, Theater undergraduates: 12 - 23 credit hours
  • Professional & Continuing Studies undergraduates : 13 - 21 credit hours 

New and Continuing Students

$18,107 per semester

Part-time (11 credit hours or less)


Undergraduate courses:


Traditional Students

$1,032 per credit hr.

Overload (each credit over 21) (Honors, Music, Theater students: over 23)

Full time undergraduate students may enroll in up to 20 hours per semester, and up to 21 hours with their dean's approval.  Honors, Music and Theatre students are allowed to enroll in up to 23 hours with no additional approval.  Tuition is assessed at the full time rate for undergraduate students enrolled in 12 - 21 hours (12 - 23 for Honors, Music and Theatre students).

$1,032 per credit hr.

Evening Program Students (Students enrolled through the Office of Professional & Continuing Studies) (under 13 hours)

$   516 per credit hr.



For Beginning Students


Application fee-undergraduates (not refundable, but waived for online applications)

$  20


FYE/SYE Engagement fee



Acceptance Deposit (not refundable):


   Campus residents (includes housing deposit)



   Off campus


For All Students


University Center Fee


This fee is dedicated to the partial support of the operation of the Joseph A. Danna Center including programming activities sponsored by the University Programming Board.


Full-time students

$113     per sem.


Part-time students

$ 56.50 per sem.


Summer Session

$ 56.50 per sem.


Student Government Association Fee


This fee supports the operation of the Student Government Association to include funding the internal operations of the SGA and recognized student organizations.


Full-time students

$60 per sem.


Part-time students

$30 per sem.


Athletic Fee


This fee provides the majority of support of the university’s intercollegiate athletic program, supplemented only by fund-raising. No funds from tuition revenue are used to support the athletic program. All students are entitled to free admission to all regular season games by presenting their Loyola I.D. Card at the entrance.


Full-time students

$275      per sem.


Part-time students

$137.50 per sem.


Publications Fee


This fee supports Loyola's Student Media, which include The Maroon, the campus weekly newspaper, and The Wolf, the student magazine.


Fall semester only



Information Technology Fee


This fee provides for unlimited high-speed access to the Internet and intranet servers using Loyola's wired and wireless networks.  The fee also provides students with a Loyola email account, personal web site, access to campus-wide computer labs, support for Loyola's online content management systems and classroom technology.  Access to these services is available from anywhere on campus - computer labs, classrooms, common areas, and residence hall rooms.


Full-time students

$225      per sem.


Part-time students

$112.50 per sem.


Graduation Fee


This fee is assessed once the student applies for graduation. It provides the graduate with a cap and gown, the diploma cover, the graduation ceremony, and lifetime transcripts.





Contingent Fees


Communications Major

$100 per semester

  Digital Filmaking Major Fee

$200 per semester

  Popular and Commercial Music Major Fee

$200 per semester


Credit by examination


Departmental examination



External examination

$  20


Late payment



Library book not returned

$  50 minimum


Lab Fee

$50, $75, $100 or $150 per lab course


Nursing Clinical Practicum

$500 per clinic course


Portfolio Fee

$250 per portfolio course


Student Health Insurance

cost varies


Student teaching fee (part-time students only)

$100 per sem.


Study Abroad Fee

$300 per sem.

  Study Abroad Health Insurance cost varies

Students are encouraged to make payment via our online payment system through their LORA (Loyola Online Records Access) Account Summary at can be made using e-Check or ACH, or by mailing a check or money order made payable to Loyola University with the bill remittance stub. Alternatively, for an additional convenience fee set by our e-commerce vendor, payment may be made by credit card of VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Students not wishing to have their campus-wide identification number placed on their payment should contact the Office of the Bursar for available alternative options. Cash transactions are discouraged. A charge of $30 will be assessed for each payment returned from the bank.