Speech (SPCH)

SPCH A100 Fundamentals of Speech 3 crs.

This course is a study of the factors governing good speech content and delivery; an introduction to speech behavior in human interaction. Open to all students.

SPCH A204 Argumentation & Debate 3crs.

This course explores inductive and deductive reasoning of bases of argumentative speaking. Evaluation of evidence is considered as well. Strategies for advocating and arguing positions will be honed as through the examination of reasoning in speeches, conversations, essays, and group deliberations. Students will prepare and present classroom presentations.

SPCH A495 Special Project Credits Vary

This project focuses on the creative or projective efforts of one or more students. A special project is distinguished from a research project in its lack of the historical or experimental method and perspective characteristics of research.

SPCH A496 Seminar/Workshop Credits Vary

A seminar is a supervised group of students sharing the results of their research on a common topic. A workshop is a supervised group of students participating in a common effort.

SPCH A497 Internship/ Practicum Credits Vary

An internship is supervised practical experience. A practicum is supervised practical application of previously studied theory.

SPCH A498 Research Project Credits Vary

This project focuses on empirical or historical investigation, culminating in a written report.

SPCH A499 Independent Study Credits Vary