Bachelor of Liberal Studies - Social Sciences

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies - Social Sciences is offered through cooperation between the Office of Professional + Continuing Studies (PCS) and the College of Social Sciences. Students interested in this degree should contact PCS for advising and more information or visit the Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Social Sciences Web Page.

Professional + Continuing Studies Staff

Degree Program Course Listings (DPCL)

Download the degree requirements, which are listed on the DPCL for each major and concentration:

Program of Study

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Major Courses Credits
Total 120 crs.
Social Science Electives
A student may select courses from criminal justice, history*, political science, psychology, and sociology. A minimum of 18 credit hours and a maximum of 27 credit hours are required in one discipline. A student may not take more than 15 hours in criminal justice as major electives. At least 18 credit hours in major courses must be upper division-level courses.
33 crs.

Adjunct Electives

Humanities Electives
A student may select courses from English, history*, music and foreign languages to philosophy, religious studies, theater arts, and visual arts.

Mathematics/Natural Sciences Elective
A student may select from mathematics and natural sciences.

12 crs

9 crs.



3 crs.

Common Curriculum Courses 30 crs.
Free Electives 45 crs.


  * History courses may be chosen for either major or adjunct coursework, but not both.