Bachelor of Liberal Studies - Humanities

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies - Humanities is offered as a cooperative program between the Office of Professional + Continuing Studies (PCS) and the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences. Students interested in this degree and need advising should visit the Bachelor of Liberal Studies - Humanities Program Web Page for more information.

Professional & Continuing Studies Staff

Degree Program Course Listing (DPCL)

Download the degree requirements, which are listed on the DPCL for each major and concentration:

Program of Study

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Major Courses Hrs.
Total Credit Hours 120 crs.
Humanities, Music & Fine Arts Electives
A student may select courses from English, foreign language, history*, music, philosophy, religious studies, theater arts, and visual arts. A minimum of 18 credit hours and a maximum of 27 credit hours are required in one discipline. At least 18 credit hours in major courses must be upper division-level courses.
33 crs.


Social Sciences Electives
A student may select courses from criminal justice, history*, political science, psychology, and sociology.

Mathematics/Natural Sciences Elective
A student may select from mathematics, and natural science

12 crs.

 9 crs.



3 crs.

Common Curriculum Courses 30 crs.
General Electives 45 crs.

 * History courses may be chosen for either major or adjunct coursework, but not both.