Certificate in Forensic Investigation

For more information about the Certificate in Forensic Investigation, learning objectives, faculty, and student opportunities, please visit the Professional & Continuing Studies (PCS) Website.

Professional & Continuing Studies (PCS) Staff

Department of Criminal Justice Faculty & Staff

The Certificate in Forensic Investigation is a non-credit certificate program offered jointly from the Office of Professional & Continuing Studies, the Department of Criminal Justice, and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office (JPSO). The certificate is a 20 credit continuing education program. Students are required to attend no less than 200 hours of instruction by attending five 40 hour seminars or the student may complete several short seminars ranging in length from 8-24 hours. Upon completion of each seminar the student will earn the equivalent CEUs.

The Certificate in Forensic Investigation is available to practitioners or member of the law enforcement community and college students who are interested in improving their qualifications and their skills. Students interested in this certificate should contact PCS for more information.