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Minor Requirements

The Asian Studies minor includes the following 21 hours:
HIST/JPNS A287 East Asian History 3

Choose a sequence of two of the following courses:

  • CHIN A100 First Year Chinese I and
  • CHIN A101 First Year Chinese II


  • JPNS A100 First Year Japanese I and
  • JPNS A101 First Year Japanese II

Choose one of the following to continue the above sequence:

  • JPNS A200 Second Year Japanese I or
  • CHIN A200 Intermediate Chinese I

Choose nine hours from the following Asian Culture/History courses:

  • CHIN A201 Intermediate Chinese II
  • HIST/JPNS A287 East Asian History 
  • HIST/JPNS A360 Punishment and Power in Modern Japan
  • HIST A370 History of India
  • HIST A390 China to 1644
  • HIST A391 Modern China
  • HIST/JPNS A392 Japanese History I
  • HIST/JPNS A393 Japanese History II
  • JPNS A201 Second Year Japanese II
  • JPNS N250/O250 Culture in Pre-Modern Japan
  • JPNS O267 Japanese Film & Culture
  • POLS A315 International Relations
  • POLS A320 U.S. Foreign Policy
  • RELS A310 Religions of Asia
  • RELS A411 Hindu Theology
  • RELS V253 Varieties of Hindu Traditions
  • RELS V260 Introduction to Islam
  • RELS V277 Tibetan & Indian Religions
  • RELS V377 Buddhism Across Asia

Please check with the program director for additional course offerings and seminars that may be eligible for ASST program completion.