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2015 AMST Minor Course Tracking Sheet

Minor Requirements

The American Studies Minor is composed of the following 21 hours:
ENGL A243 American Masterworks 3 crs.
HIST A200 U.S. History to 1865 3 crs.

Choose one of the following Social Science courses:

  • POLS A100 Intro to American Government
  • POLS A200 Comparative Government 1
  • POLS A211 The American Presidency
  • POLS A213 American Political Thought
  • POLS A310 Money in American Politics
  • SOCI A220 Social Protest Movements
  • SOCI A365 The Sixties
  • SOCI A375 U.S. Civil Rights Movement
  • SOCI X255 Race, Racism, & Privilege
3 crs.

Choose one of the following Humanities courses:

  • MUGN O272 Jazz in American Culture
  • PHIL A430 American Philosophy
  • RELS V267 Native American Religions
  • THEA O243 Black Theatre 1940 to Present
  • THEA O250 American Musical Theatre
3 crs.

Choose three of the follwing elective courses when not already taken:

  • CMMN A453 American Women Journalists
  • ENGL A244 American Literature Since 1900
  • ENGL A250 Introduction to African-American Literature
  • ENGL A251 African-American Literature Since 1900
  • ENGL A349 Twentieth-Century American Fiction
  • ENGL A373 The Black Writer in America
  • ENGL A433 19th Century American Fiction
  • ENGL A434 American Romanticism
  • ENGL A437 American War Literature
  • ENGL A438 Southern Literature
  • ENGL A439 American Drama
  • ENGL O256 American Regionalism
  • ENGL O305 Harrison Ford - American Hero
  • HIST A201 U.S. History from 1865
  • HIST A230 Law in Early America or 
    HIST A231 Law in Modern America or 
    HIST A232 American Trials
  • HIST A276 African-American History to 1865
  • HIST A277 African-American History since 1865
  • HIST A330 American Beginnings
  • HIST A332 Revolutionary America
  • HIST A334 Age of Jackson 1815 - 1845
  • HIST A336 History of the Old South
  • HIST A337 The New South
  • HIST A338 Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIST A340 U.S.: Gilded and Progressive Eras
  • HIST A342 U.S.: The 20's and the 30's
  • HIST A343 WWII to Present
  • HIST A405 Early American Indians
9 crs.

Check with AMST advisor for AMST-eligible First-Year Seminar courses.