Loyola is authorized to distribute only Loyola’s own transcripts, not the records of testing services or other universities. Students may have four records at Loyola which comprise the official transcript: undergraduate, graduate, law, or continuing education transcript. Upon a student’s request, all official transcripts are sent by the Office of Student Records to others. Transcripts marked “Issued to the Student” are given by the Office of Student Records to students. In accordance with recommendations of the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers, official transcripts issued to students should not be treated as an official academic credential unless the transcript is provided in a sealed envelope. Transcripts carry notations identifying major, minor, if applicable, degree program, Loyola term and cumulative statistics, degrees earned at Loyola and other institutions, transfer coursework by institution, credit by examination, date of birth, and prior academic level. Academic exclusion and academic dismissal are indicated on the transcript for students placed in this status.

Students who have attended Loyola as transients under the cross-enrollment/consortium policy will have their coursework posted on their home institution’s transcript. The Office of Counseling and Career Services issues copies of Loyola transcripts as part of its placement portfolio. This document should not be treated as an official transcript.  Loyola will withhold transcripts, diplomas, letters of good standing, and statements of honorable dismissal until indebtedness to the university has been discharged.

Transcripts may be requested through several different venues.   For additional information, please visit the transcript request web site.