Spiritual Formation

College of Law Ministry

Jesuit education is a process that involves the whole person. As law students face the challenges and rigors of their education, University Ministry, within the Office of Mission and Ministry at Loyola, helps them maintain a healthy balance. As they strive for academic excellence, seek to integrate their faith, clarify their deepest values, and grow in an awareness of their mission to be men and women with and for others, University Ministry is there for them to be their companion on the journey. By taking advantage of our various programs, retreats, service and justice activities, and opportunities for pastoral counseling, law students easily find the support they need to develop their talents and thus become leaders with a vision, leaders who will struggle for justice in the world.

The College of Law Chaplain is Carol Magendie, whose office is the Broadway Activities Center, room 102. She can be reached at (504) 861-5494 or magendie@loyno.edu.

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Office of Mission and Ministry

The Office of Mission & Ministry at Loyola University New Orleans seeks to foster the Jesuit and Catholic mission and identity of the institution and educate the Loyola community of its Jesuit/Catholic identity and heritage. We minister to the Loyola University community by attending to the spiritual formation of the university community, and responding to the pastoral needs of students, faculty and staff. In collaboration with student leaders, staff, faculty, and administrators, we seek to promote a vision of the "way of proceeding" set forth by St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. Embracing our common human dignity created in God’s image and likeness, we foster a greater respect for the truth, goodness, and grace to be found in a diversity of faith traditions and people of every culture, race, language, and economic status.

Our Christian, Catholic, and Jesuit traditions commission us to offer a welcoming environment and supportive services to all members of the university community. We assist the formation of our community members to be contemplatives-in-action; God’s spirit illuminating them with an ever deeper experience of the love of God and inspiring a more generous response to that love by their passionate commitment to service and justice as men and women with and for others.

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The Office of Mission and Ministry is comprised of two departments:

Spiritual Formation and Faith Development

The Office of Mission and Ministry supports the spiritual formation and faith development of the entire Loyola community through: