Refund Policy


The university’s general policy on refunds is described below. Federal statute requires an alternate calculation for recipients of federal Title IV financial assistance.  More information on the alternate calculation for federal aid can be obtained from the Office of Law Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Students who withdraw must return a completed withdrawal form to the Department of Law Records. Mere cessation of attendance does not constitute withdrawal. The date of receipt of the withdrawal notice by the Department of Law Records will determine the amount of tuition refund. Refunds are a percentage of the tuition payable in the semester in which the student withdraws, not a percentage of the total amount billed. Only tuition is refundable. No refunds are made when a student is suspended or dismissed for academic, disciplinary, or financial reasons, or when a student reduces their course load after the deadline for 100% refund.

Tuition refunds are made for the semester-long fall and spring terms on the following basis:

  1. If formal notice is received within two weeks after the beginning of the semester, a refund of 100 percent of tuition is made.
  2. If formal notice is received within five weeks after the beginning of the semester, a refund of 50 percent of tuition is made.
  3. No refunds are allowed after the fifth week of classes.

Please refer to the academic calendar for summer session refund deadlines. Refunds for a student forced to withdraw for severe medical or family reasons will be considered on a case-by-case basis.