Billing and Payment Policy

Incoming students and returning students who have pre-registered are mailed a bill for tuition, fees, residence hall charges, and board plans prior to the beginning of the semester. All payments are due by the first day of class unless other arrangements have been made. Students are encouraged to make payment via our online payment system through their LORA (Loyola Online Records Access) Account Summary at can be made using e-Check or ACH, or by mailing a check or money order made payable to Loyola University with the bill remittance stub. Alternatively, for an additional convenience fee set by our e-commerce vendor, payment may be made by credit card; VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Students not wishing to have their campus-wide identification number placed on their payment should contact the Office of the Bursar for available alternative options. Cash transactions are discouraged. A charge of $30 will be assessed for each payment returned from the bank.

Accounts not paid by the first day of class will be placed in a past due status. Students who are not early registrants, students taking special program courses or continuing education courses, and all international students must pay in full at the time of registration. A late fee of $250 will be assessed on accounts in past due status. Student bills are available online through LORA (Loyola Online Records Access) Account Summary at If a bill is not received or if an adjustment should be made to the bill, the student should contact the Office of Student Finance so that payment can be made by the deadline.

Students who have not met their financial obligations or made appropriate arrangements through the Office of Student Finance have not officially completed registration and may be subject to removal from enrollment and will not be allowed to register for subsequent semesters. Students whose checks are returned from the bank as unpaid also may be subject to removal from enrollment. Loyola will withhold statements of honorable dismissal, transcripts, the diploma, and all other reports or materials until all indebtedness to the university has been paid or until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Students are not allowed to enroll for subsequent semesters as long as prior financial indebtedness has not been satisfied. It is also the policy of Loyola to withhold transcripts, registration, and diplomas on any student who has defaulted on a Guaranteed Student Loan, Stafford Loan, Direct Loan, Perkins Loan, NDSL, Nursing or other student loan. In the event that the delinquent account is placed with an outside agency for collection, all collection costs, attorney fees, and court costs incurred will be passed on to the student.