Notice of Students' Intellectual Property Rights

This notice informs students of Loyola University New Orleans’ Intellectual Property Rights Policy (“Policy”), which governs student works. 

Ownership.  The University respects the intellectual property rights of its students and seeks to promote their creative and entrepreneurial activities.  The Policy therefore recognizes that students own the copyright to all works they create as part of their academic endeavors.  These protected works include, but are not limited to, papers, presentations, computer programs, theses, musical works, photographs, film and video projects, and other artistic works.

The Policy’s broad protection of student copyright ownership is subject to the following narrow exceptions:

a.         Sponsored or Externally Contracted Works: Copyright ownership in student works created under a sponsored agreement or external contract shall be determined by the terms of the agreement. 

b.         Commissioned Work: Works created by students within the scope of employment at Loyola are “commissioned works” that are owned by the University or the hiring party (e.g., a faculty member hiring a research assistant). 

c.         Student Classroom and Laboratory Notes: Student class and lab notes may be used non-commercially and only for personal educational purposes.  Commercial or other unauthorized uses of such works may constitute unlawful copyright infringement of a faculty or staff’s intellectual property rights.


University License to Student Works.  This Policy reflects the University’s commitment to education and research.  This Policy therefore requires students to grant the University a non-exclusive license to use students’ academic works for non-profit, educational, research, and promotional purposes.  This license does not allow the University to commercially exploit the work.  It ensures, for instance, that faculty can share the student works (such as prior projects or papers) with future students to further their education.  Promotional uses are limited to promoting the University, such as celebrating student successes on the University website. This license is also subject to the student’s privacy rights under federal law.

Questions Regarding Intellectual Property Rights.  Questions and disputes about intellectual property rights are reviewed by the University’s Intellectual Property Policy and Rights Committee and the administration under the terms of the Policy.  Students agree to be governed by the Policy as a condition of enrollment to the University.