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2015-2016 MPS-MS On-Campus Degree Program Course Listing (DPCL)

The dual Master of Pastoral Studies and Master of Science in Counseling (M.P.S./M.S.) is designed for pastoral ministers and future counselors seeking to develop well-honed counseling skills and greater knowledge of religious tradition and the spirituality of those they serve. Both degrees together offer a breadth and depth of expertise that will enhance counseling practice and pastoral work.

Degree Requirements

Students in this program must be admitted separately to the Department of Counseling, as well as the Institute for Ministry. The total number of credits for the dual degree is 72 credits. The dual degree allows for courses in one program to count as electives or required courses in the other degree program.

Course Sequence

LIM students who enter the joint M.P.S./M.S. degree program should register for CNSL A702 Research and Statistical Methods in Counseling in the Department of Counseling within the first 12 hours of work in counseling.

Students should also take the Loyola Institute for Ministry course LIM 703 Introduction to Practical Theology as early as possible. 


Currently, LIM students may register for up to 6 credits in the Department of Counseling at the discounted LIM tuition rate. All other counseling courses will be taken at the Department of Counseling tuition rate. Current tuition and fee schedules are available through the Office of Student Finance.

M.P.S. Theological Core Courses: 24 credit hours
LIM C703 Introduction to Practical Theology 3 crs.
LIM C704 Spirituality, Morality, and Ethics 3 crs.
LIM C711 Jewish Roots of Christian Faith (Old Testament) 3 crs.
LIM C712 Christian Origins (New Testament) 3 crs.
LIM C714 Grace, Christ, and Spirit 3 crs.
LIM C722 Church, Sacraments, and Liturgy 3 crs.
LIM C849 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling 3 crs.
LIM C863 Family Systems 3 crs.

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M.S. Primary Courses: 4 credit hours
CNSL 702 Research and Statistical Methods in Counseling 3 crs.
CNSL 704 Research Writing Lab 1 cr.

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M.S. Courses: 44 credit hours
CNSL 725 Lifespan Development 3 crs.
CNSL 776 Measurement and Assessment 3 crs.
CNSL 830 Counseling Theories (CR) 3 crs.
CNSL 835 Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CR) 3 crs.
CNSL 836 Individual Counseling Skills Lab (CR) 3 crs.
CNSL 840 Group Counseling (CR) 1 cr.
CNSL 841 Vocational Counseling 1 cr.
CNSL 842 Multicultural Counseling 3 crs.
CNSL 843 Group Counseling Skills Lab (CR) 3 crs.
CNSL 854 Child Diagnosis & Treatment (CR) 3 crs.
CNSL 855 Adult Diagnosis & Treatment (CR) 3 crs.
CNSL 863 Fundamentals of Practicum and Internship (CR) 3 crs.
CNSL 864 Ethics in Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling (CR) 3 crs.
CNSL 865 Counseling Practicum (with group hours) 3 crs.
CNSL 866 Internship I 3 crs.
CNSL 866 Internship II 3 crs.

(CR) = Core Requirement

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