Faculty Advising

All students are assigned a faculty adviser. Faculty members are usually assigned to advise students who have indicated an interest in their particular field of specialization. Students may obtain the names of assigned faculty advisers from the office of the dean of their college, from the chair of their department, or from Loyola’s Online Records Access (LORA).Faculty advisers are available to students throughout the academic year, but their role is especially important during the orientation and registration periods. Advisers will help students plan their program, explore career alternatives, and aid in any academic problems. Faculty advisers will also ensure that the undergraduate academic experience is as valuable as possible by assisting students in the sequencing of their coursework. Students should be aware, however, that knowledge of and adherence to regulations of Loyola, both academic and otherwise, are the ultimate responsibility of the student.

Additional advising information is available through the Academic Advising information in the University Bulletin.