Enrollment at Other Universities

Students must obtain approval of their requested coursework from the department advisor/chair prior to enrollment in courses at other institutions and a Letter of Good Standing from their dean (if required by the attending university).  A Letter of Good Standing is based on a student being in good academic standing (overall gpa of 2.000 or greater), good financial standing, and with no current or pending disciplinary issues. 

  • Students who are classified as a junior or above cannot attend a Junior/Community College
  • Students are cautioned that deans will grant permission to take courses (non-common curriculum) elsewhere only when the student can demonstrate compelling reasons to do so.
  • Credit will be awarded only as earned hours for approved courses in which grade of C (not C-) or above have been earned. (Grades do not transfer, only the earned hours.)
  • After completion of the course, students must submit an official copy of the transcript from the other institution to the Dean of their college for evaluation of transfer credit.
  • Students from Loyola who are on academic suspension are not allowed to take coursework elsewhere. If they violate this restriction, the transcript may be requested, but credit will not be given for the coursework nor will the grade point average be used to accept or reject a student who wishes to reenter Loyola. Coursework taken after the period of the exclusion will be evaluated.