Eligibility for Graduation - Undergraduate

Students must meet the specific requirements of their degree programs as set forth in this bulletin. The university, through the deans, may authorize changes and exceptions when it finds them desirable and consistent with the continuous and orderly review of its policies.

  • To be eligible for graduation, students must have fulfilled their specific degree program and college requirements, must have at least a 2.0 Loyola cumulative grade point average, major average, and minor average if a minor is pursued, must have completed their last 30 hours of coursework at Loyola, and must have been certified to graduate by their dean.
  • Those departments with different requirements will so inform students.
  • Graduating students are expected to complete a senior exit survey before graduation.
  • Applications for graduation should be filed during the previous fall term for May, August, and December candidates. Specific deadlines are published in the academic calendar.
  • To be certified to graduate at the end of the term for which the student applied, all degree requirements must be completed no later than July 1 for spring candidates, October 1 for summer candidates, and February 1 for fall candidates. After that date, the original application for graduation will be deleted.

If the student is unable to complete the requirements during this period of time, the student must reapply for graduation in a subsequent term.