Cross Enrollments

Loyola University has a consortium arrangement in place with four universities, Tulane, Dillard, Notre Dame and Xavier. This arrangement allows undergraduate students at any one of the universities to take courses at each of the other three institutions on a space available basis. The intent is for students to have access to a wider variety of coursework. To participate, students must be full-time students and must be enrolled at their home institution for a minimum of nine hours. The maximum number of credit hours students may enroll through the consortium is eight (8) hours if the lecture courses requires a lab; otherwise the maximum approved hours is six (6).  Students will pay full-time tuition to his or her home institution to be eligible to cross-enroll. Payment for all courses is at home institution rates and is remitted to the home institution. However, any course lab fees or fines must be remitted to the host institution prior to the release of final grades. The credit and grades will appear on the transcript of the home institution as if they were taken there. Interested students should consult the dean or department chair for approval and then contact Valencia Luke or Brandon Garza in the Office of Student Records (504-865-3237) to register for the cross enrollment.

Students taking courses at another university should request their transcript to take with them when registering for courses that have a prequisite.

If you are a graduating senior at your home institution, our examination period may be later than your graduation date and your Loyola grade may not be submitted to your home institution by the deadline.  

Loyola University also has a enrollment agreement with American University, Washington Semester Program. Students may enroll, with permission of their dean, in this program. These courses will be placed on the Loyola transcript, and the grades will be included with their Loyola grades. Tuition is paid directly to American University.