Loyola University holds a commencement ceremony at the end of the spring semester. Students who are candidates for May, August, or December of that calendar year may participate in that ceremony. Fall candidates may opt to participate in the following year ceremony. You must notify the Office of Student Records of your intention when you apply to graduate. The commencement program is not a certification document of the university. All students, regardless of their participation in the commencement ceremony, will be charged a graduation fee of $275. This fee will include the cost of the regalia, diploma and leather cover, and free lifetime transcripts.

Completion dates for certification are as following:

  • Spring candidates - requirements must be completed by July 1
  • Summer Candidates - requirements must be completed by October 1
  • Fall Candidates - requirements must be completed by February 1

Additional information on commencement can be found on Loyola's commencement web site.