Advanced Placement Credit

Loyola recognizes that students, as a result of study or experience, may possess a mastery of the content of certain college courses. To enable students to profit from their knowledge, Loyola allows students to receive credit or a waiver of a requirement through departmental or external examination. The availability of departmental examinations is left to the discretion of the individual departments. Credit by examination is governed by the following regulations:

  • Only registered non-transient students are eligible to receive credits.
  • Credits earned by examination may be posted on the Loyola transcript only during a term in which the student earns credit for completing coursework.
  • The maximum number of credit hours a student may earn by examination is 30.
  • A student may not receive credit in or a waiver of a requirement in a course in which the student has attended or enrolled, except during the first semester when a student is allowed to drop a course because of inaccurate placement.
  • Students who have enrolled in a course as auditing may petition for credit by examination.
  • A student may not receive credit by examination for a course that is at a level more elementary than one in which he or she is currently or previously enrolled.
  • Credits earned by examination do not qualify students for veterans’ benefits nor are they used in determining registered hours.
  • Credits earned at another university based on that institution’s internal placement exams will not transfer to Loyola.

Departmental Examinations: Students may petition the dean in charge of the subject area to be examined on the content of a specific course or to have an examination or evaluation of an academic experience related to a specific area. Upon completion of the examination or evaluation, the dean will notify the Office of Student Records who shall, if the student has been successful, post the credit. There is a per course equivalent fee charged. Students should consult their dean for this fee information.

Optional Placement Tests: Placement tests in modern foreign languages, Greek, Latin, and history are available to entering students. Their scores on the test may enable them to “place out” of certain courses. Based on their scores on the history test, students may receive Loyola credit for specific courses upon registration. Additionally, placement and proficiency tests and auditions are given in the area of music for the purpose of assigning students to private applied music study and to ensure homogeneity in some classes. Extraordinarily able music students may receive advanced placement in some music study on an individual basis.

External Examinations: Students may petition the university for credit by external examination by having the scores sent to the student’s dean’s office. The dean’s office will evaluate all scores based on the approved external examination. There is a $20 posting fee on external examinations.

Advanced Placement Credit by Exam Scale





Biology BIOL A106 Cells and Heredity 4
Chemistry SCIE T129 Investigating Nature 4
Chinese Language & Culture CHIN A100 First Year Chinese I 4
Composition ENGL T122 Critical Reading/Writing 4
Environmental Science BIOL Y230 Human Ecology 4
Microeconomics ECON B100 (formerly ECON B200) Microeconomics 4
Macroeconomics ECON B101 (formerly ECON B201) Macroeconomics 4
French Lang. Level III FREN A201 Second Year French II 4
French Lit. Level III FREN A201 Second Year French II 4
German Level III GERM A201 Second Year German II 4
Latin Vergil LATNA337 Augustan Poetry 4-5
Latin Lit LATNA337 Augustan Poetry 4-5
Human Geography GEOG A100 General Geography I 4
World History HIST T124 Global History II 4
U.S. History HIST A201 U.S. History from 1865 4-5*
Italian Language & Culture ITAL A100 First Year Italian I 4
Japanese Language & Culture JPNS A100 Modern Japanese I 4
Composition and Lit. ENGL N200 Writing About Literature  4
Computer Science A or AB Math A211 Intro to Programming I 4
Statistics MATH A241 Prob. & Stat. 4
Calculus AB MATH A257 Calculus I 4
Calculus BC MATH A258 Calculus II 4
Calculus BC MATH A257 Calculus I & Math A258 Calculus II 5
Music Theory MUTH M102 Music Theory 4
Physics B PHYS A115 Physics for Life Sciences I (3 hrs) & PHYS A112 Phys I Lab (1hr) 4
Physics B PHYS A115 Physics for Life Sciences I (3 hrs), PHYS A116 Physics for Life Sciences II (3 hrs) & PHYS 112 I Lab (1 hr) 5
Physics  C (Mech)

PHYS A115 Physics for Life Sciences I Lec (3 hrs) & PHYS A112 Physics I Lab (1 hr)

PHYS A101 Intro to Mechanics (4 hrs) & PHYS A103 Mechanics Lab (1)




Physics  C (E&M)

PHYS A116 Physics for Life Sciences II (3 hrs) & PHYS A113 Physics II Lab (1 hr)  

PHYS A102 Intro to Electromag & Relativity (4 hrs) & PHYS A104 Electricity & Magnetism Lab (1 hr)




U.S. Govt & Politics POLS A100 Intro to American Govt. 4
Psychology PSYC A100 Intro. to Psychology 4
Spanish Lang. SPAN A201 Second Year Spanish II 4
Spanish Lit. SPAN A201 Second Year Spanish II 4
Art: History VISA A110 (formerly VISA A210) Elements of Art History I 4


* If a score of 5 is reported for American History II, it is possible to receive 6 credit hours (both 200 and 201), pending a writing sample. Contact the department chair for additional information.

In accordance with the guidelines of the American Council on Education, formal coursework taken while in the military and non-collegiate courses may be substituted for one of the exams listed in the External Examination Chart. Students should petition their dean for consideration by submitting the results of those examinations. Registered nurses enrolled in Loyola’s nursing program may receive 24 hours in nursing in addition to the 30 hours of credit by examination.* Scores will be based on ACE recommendations.

Loyola now awards academic credit for Advanced Level (A Level) exams results on the GCE (General Certificate of Education). The academic credit to be awarded is at the discretion of the Dean's Office in consultation with the academic department.

IB—International Baccalaureate—Credit by Exam Scale 

(For IB credit not listed, please contact your Dean's Office)

Credit given for: Higher Level Test with scores of 5, 6, 7

Biology 3 hrs BIOL A106 Cells and Heredity
Chemistry 3 hrs SCIE T129 Investigating Nature
Economics 3 hrs ECON X130 Economics and Society
English AI 3 hrs ENGL N200 Writing About Literature
History—Americas 3 hrs HIST A200 U.S. History
History—European 3 hrs HiST A499 History of Europe & the Islamic World

Languages: A2 & B



3 hrs


Lang 201


Second Year II

Mathematics HL 3 hrs Math A115 Intro to Finite Math
Music 3 hrs MUGN O268 Exploring Western Art Music
Philosophy 3 hrs PHIL T122 Philosophy of the Human Person

Physics HL 5

3 hrs


Investigating Nature 

Physics HL 6 3 hrs
1 hr
Physics for Life Sciences
Physics I Lab
Physics HL 7 3 hrs
1 hr
3 hrs
1 hr
Physics for Life Sciences
Physics I Lab
Physics for Life Sciences II
Physics II Lab
Psychology 3 hrs PSYC A100 Introduction to Psychology