Common Law Electives (LCOM)

LCOM L800 Family Law 3 hrs.
This course surveys the law regulating marriage and other interpersonal relationships. Topics considered include marriage, alternate forms of social organization, rights concerning procreation, divorce, child custody, financial aspects of family dissolution, the legal regulation of the parent/child relationship, children’s rights and the state’s role in protecting children from neglect and abuse, and adoption.

LCOM L920 Commercial Transactions 3 hrs.
This course investigates the laws that affect the rights and obligations of parties engaged in the sale and distribution of goods. The sales contract, its formation, interpretation and performance, the risk of loss, and the remedies of the parties are emphasized. Uniform Commercial Code Article 2 receives intense scrutiny.

LCOM L921 Secured Transactions 3 hrs.
This course is concerned with all aspects of security in personal property. Covered are problems and legal principles relevant to the creation of the security interest, to its perfection, to priorities between competing security interests and between a security interest and other kinds of property interest, to payment and redemption, and to realization procedures. The emphasis will be on Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

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