Loyola Express Card

The Loyola Express Card is much more than just a student identification card. It is a safe, convenient, and economical way to make purchases all over campus without carrying cash, checks, or change. Much like a debit card, students simply deposit money into their Express Card account, and purchases are deducted from the account balance. It has proven to be an excellent method to pre-plan and monitor expenditures.

The Loyola Express Card is accepted at all campus food service locations and the Loyola Bookstore. Students may make deposits by cash, check, VISA or MasterCard. Deposits to the Express Card may be made in the Office of the Bursar, Thomas Hall, Room 206. For deposit information, please call (504) 865-2388.

Funds deposited to the Loyola Express Card carry over from one semester to the next until spent. Balances in excess of $10 in a Loyola Express Card account will be refunded only if a member officially severs ties with the university by graduating, transferring, or otherwise leaving the university. Refund forms may be completed with the Office of Student Finance and must be accompanied by written proof of separation unless you are graduating. Refunds will be applied first to any outstanding university debt, with remaining funds issued to the student. Accounts remain active for registered students; however, accounts that are inactive for more than six months will be closed and all remaining balances will be forfeited.