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Attendance Policy

Attendance in the extension program is compulsory. Courses generally require at least 10 meetings to carry out a three-hour learning design provided by the institute. In the event of illness or emergency, a student who misses up to three sessions may make these sessions up and remain in the course. Any request for a waiver of this policy must be put in writing.

Withdrawal from Courses

The administrative withdrawal period ends with the fifth session of the course. Through this time, students may withdraw from a course and receive a W in the course. After the fifth session, a student may withdraw from the course and receive a WP in the course. Failure to obtain a withdrawal will result in the grade of F.

Refund Policy

Students who cancel or withdraw from a course are in some cases entitled to a percentage refund of their tuition. Those who cancel or withdraw must do so by completing an official cancellation/withdrawal form found in their policy manuals.

Mere cessation of attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. The date and circumstances of official withdrawal will determine the amount of tuition refund. No refunds are made when a student is suspended or dismissed for academic, disciplinary, or financial reasons. Tuition refunds are made on the following schedule:

  • If a student was not in attendance at the first session, a 100-percent refund, less a $50 administrative fee is issued;
  • If a student was not in attendance after the fifth session, a 50-percent refund is issued;
  • If a physician’s certificate is attached to the cancellation/withdrawal form for nonattendance at any point in the course, a 100-percent refund is issued.

Writing Assistance

Assistance with writing assignments for courses in the graduate program is offered in conjunction with Loyola’s Writing Across the Curriculum center. This gives graduate students the opportunity to confer with a writing consultant on all phases of the writing process. Students may contact a writing consultant by calling the LIM office or e-mailing the consultant at

Disability Services

Extension students with learning, physical, or other disabilities may contact Disability Services for information on the services and accommodations that are available. Students may call (504-865-2990) or write directly to the director of Disability Services at the following address: Loyola University New Orleans, Campus Box 41, 6363 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118; students may also e-mail All contacts and information provided are confidential. In order to receive any reasonable special services or accommodations, students will be asked to provide documentation of the learning or physical disability. Copies of the university policy are available from Disability Services.

Library Services

Loyola’s Distance Library Service provides research assistance and free article and book delivery. The library's Distance Learning Services are explained  on the library’s website or in the LIM Guide to Written Theological Reflection, a resource that is available to students registered in LIM extension courses. Any extension student may also come to Loyola University and use the catalogs, print and electronic indexes, and all other materials available for use by Loyola students. Borrowing privileges are the same for all students, and the circulation desk will issue bar codes for any students wishing to borrow materials from Loyola’s libraries. 

Additionally, extension students may contact by phone 504-864-7152 or 504-864-7138; by fax 504-864-7142; or by email the Loyola University distance education librarian and request to have mediated searches of automated databases performed for them. Other Distance Library Services include searching the Loyola library for books and journals. Internet access to the Loyola University Library Catalog Information is available to extension students if they have Internet access.

The practicalities involved in obtaining books when the student needs them through the mail often make it difficult to use the campus library. It is for this reason that the Extension Program recommends that a professional library be established locally for extension students. The institute recommends that it include the books on the Common Curriculum bibliographies.

Sponsoring agencies agree to provide access for students to college, public, and theological libraries in their area. These local libraries enhance student access to a great variety of additional resource materials. It is through these local libraries that extension students may gain access to the Internet.

Learning Group Discipline

A student who engages in behavior which is disruptive to the learning group environment is in violation of the Learning Group Agreement and Loyola Policy. Such conduct may cause removal from that learning group and can result in removal from the course with a grade of W. A second such disruption may result in suspension or dismissal from the university. The student has the right to appeal the decision in accord with Loyola policy.

Admissions Policies

Please view the Graduate Bulletin age regarding Admissions Policies.