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Disability Services

On-campus students with learning, physical, or other disabilities may contact Disability Services for information on the services and accommodations that are available. Students may contact Disability Services by stopping into the Academic Resource Center on campus or emailing the director of Disability Services at All contacts and information provided are confidential. In order to receive any reasonable special services or accommodations, students will be asked to provide documentation of the learning or physical disability. Copies of the university policy are available from Disability Services. 

Writing Assistance

The Writing Across the Curriculum Center provides LIM on-campus students with free assistance with writing assignments. The service gives students the chance to confer with a trained writing consultant on all phases of the writing process. See the Writing across the Curriculum Center's web page for further information. GO»  

Detailed information on the writing service is also found in the LIM Guide to Written Theological Reflection, a resource that is available to students registered in LIM on-campus courses.

Library Services

Loyola’s Monroe Library provides a full range of services including borrowing privileges, electronic article and book access, and one-on-one research assistance. Students are encouraged to log on to the Monroe Library’s page for prospective or current students to learn more about the resources and services the library provides.

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from the university or from a course may be entitled to a refund of a percentage of their tuition. Students who withdraw must return a completed withdrawal form to the Office of Student Records. Mere cessation of attendance does not constitute withdrawal. The date of receipt of the withdrawal notice by the Office of Student Records will determine the amount of tuition refunded. Refunds are a percentage of the tuition payable in the semester in which the student withdraws, not a percentage of the total amount billed. Only tuition is refundable. No refunds are made when a student is suspended or dismissed for academic, disciplinary, or financial reasons. Tuition refunds are made for the fall and spring semesters on the following basis.

Fall/Spring Semester

Tuition refunds are made for the normal fall and spring semesters on the following basis:

  1. If formal notice is received within two weeks after the beginning of the semester, a refund of 100 percent of tuition is made.
  2. If formal notice is received within five weeks after the beginning of the semester, a refund of 50 percent of tuition is made.
  3. If formal notice is received within nine weeks after the beginning of the semester, a refund of 25 percent of tuition is made.
  4. No refunds are allowed after the ninth week of classes.
Summer Semester/Special Session

Since special sessions, short sessions, and summer sessions vary in length, please refer to the academic calendar for those refund deadlines.

Medical Withdrawal

Students forced to withdraw for medical reasons are referred to the LIM office for special medical withdrawals.

Admissions Policies

Please view the Graduate Bulletin page regarding Admissions Policies.